Components of SSSF include:

Housing Stability Project
For the prevention of homlessness and
emergency shelter assistance.

Community Capacity Building
Projects with local Tribes, churches and community volunteers.
Aspects of this include grant writing and community dinner, food

Bridging Victim Services Project
Bridge Tribal services, Tribal members, County government and
local services providers for the common goal of providing
adequate and culturally competent services to Native American
victims of crime.

"Youth Outdoors" -  Document your  
Spring to Summer 2016
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2016 Youth Coed Softball  
Championship Tournament
August 6th and 7th
Lake County Ballfields
9am - 4pm
Junior Teams  Ages 9 to 13
Senior Teams Ages 14 to 17
Call (707)274-0121 ext 8
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"Continuing to ReachOut (and
Dance) in California" Rural Monitor
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feature article.

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"Doing Something About the Health
of Lower Income Americans"

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Reach Out
A Promotores model to teach positive lifestyle habits to families
and children, to help prevent obesity and diabetes complications
in minority populations of rural Lake County.

Sunrise Special Services Foundation (SSSF) is a non-profit
501(C)3 founded February 14, 2000. The SSSF mission is to
provide advocacy, social services and funding for some of the
most important services which challenge rural areas