ReachOut is a project to help children and families live healthier lifestyles. Our activities include walking groups, healthy eating/cooking classes, nutrition consultation, family sports, health education, and referrals to medical and social services. Please complete the survey in order to participate in our activities.

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Healthy Families is a low cost insurance for children and teens.

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  AM Neighborhood Walking Groups
  PM Neighborhood Walking Groups
  Saturday AM Trails
  Water Sports- Rowing, swimming
  Dance- Aerobics, Jazzercise, Salsa
  Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi,etc.
  Family Sport Teams-volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball
  Mothers/Preteen Wellness University
  Sons/Fathers Overnight Camping
  Healthy Eating/ Cooking Classes
  Nutrition Consultation
  Weight Loss Groups
  Marathons and Tournaments
  Mind, Body, Spirit Healing Workshops
  Community Gardening

Do you have family members at risk or diagnosed with Obesity, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or other Chronic Disease? *
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Will you be interested in volunteering, leading walking groups, or sharing your health story?
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