• Tribal Governments, Non Profit Agencies, Individuals
Grants Research and Proposal Writing Workshops
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  • Individuals who wish to make a difference in their community

*Michelle Price, Certified Educator for "Ageless Grace" offers     
   Saturday classes in Lucerne.
*Yvonne Cox  AKA  The Snake Lady  - Weekly Tuesday Bag Dinners                          
   4-6pm Bike Shop, Highway 20, Lucerne
*Claudine Petrocelli - Upper Lake Tuesday Monthly Dinners
    Community Clothes Giveaway

  • Non-profit organizations serving community needs

Community capacity building services provided include advocacy, grant writing
and assistance in establishing and expanding programs (i.e. education, social
services, law enforcement)- Often conducted with a two year plan to assist
programs become sustainable through staff and volunteer training, funding,
strategic plan development, etc.