Providing healthy resources, social services, and a safe living environment through a bridging
program that is designed to stabilize and ensure the personal survival for those with special needs.  

Contact the Housing Department for more information by
e-mail or (707) 274-9121ext 2

The services that Housing Stability provides are:

Tenant Intake/Assessment
Housing links for individual, child, elderly, or family
We match the tenants needs according to prospective property  
Tenant has at least 2 property options
A monthly check in and rent collection
Special Housing Needs

Our Collaborative Partners

Real Estate Property Managers
Private Property Owners
Resort Property Owners
Mental Health Case Workers
Rehabilitation Case Workers
Tribal Social Services
Habitat for Humanity
Catholic Charities Housing
Services has
help me have
my own home
and given me
inspiration to
build my life

"I would not be
able to afford
substantial living
if it was not for
Sunrise Special

"Without Sunrise
Special Services I
would not be able to
get such a nice
house.  I feel less
stressed, comfortable,
and most importantly
my kids are happy".

"This is a home to
us, we treat it this
way.  We have
weakly chores
and we work
together.  We can
sit and look at the
walls and be
content when we
see our children's
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"Housing Stability"
A rural programs journey toward health.
FEMA Housing Stability
has a waiting list

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application for 2015