SSSF, through the Counseling and Faith Based Services for Crime Victims in Indian Country grant funded in 2008, is
working to bridge Tribal services, Tribal members, County government and local services providers for the common
goal of providing adequate and culturally competent services to Native American victims of crime.

Other Information
    A report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) entitled “American Indians and Crime” indicates that
    Native Americans, age 12 and older are victim of violent crimes at a rate of 2.5 times the national rate (this
    does not include murder).  The sexual assault/rape rate was more than three times the national rate and the
    rate of robbery was twice as high as the national rate.

    A Crime Victim suffers injury, loss or death from an act or circumstance caused by another. The victim may
    have feelings of confusion, fear, frustration and/or anger and experience difficult financial, psychological and
    legal problems as a result of a crime.

    In the State of California, Victim’s have the RIGHT to ...
    ...         Protection
    ...         Information
    ...         Notice
    ...         Prompt Disposition
    ...         Be Present (at preliminary hearing and trial)
    ...         Privacy (regarding subpoenas for records)
    ...        Be Informed (if the defendant of the case is found guilty, sentenced and is released or escapes)

    Many resources are available to victims of crime through various agencies and programs.

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Services and Resources for Native
American Victims of Crime in Lake

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